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Sep 2016

Coding : Ipad for the Classroom

Our partner DND welcomes you to : an educational workshop with Apple’s teacher guru Joe Moretti

Take the opportunity and join an inspiring workshop!

Moretti has previously worked as a teacher and has good results on implementing and integrating iPad in education. Joe is an “Apple Distinghuished Educator” and a sought-after instructor and lecturer in the UK, Europe, Middle East and Africa. Hence we feel privileged that can offer the course with him. This is a unique opportunity to meet a very talented and inspiring teacher who will give you energy and inspiration you can use in your everyday teaching.

We will during the course;
• explain the concepts used by the most important apps for encoding on the iPad.
• See relevant coding in relation to the curriculum; Coding blocks, directional control, editability.
• View a variety of apps that can be used to cover the syllabus of a varied and good way.
• Display techniques; Storyboards, the planning, design, programming language and literacy.
• Recommending a progression in relation to the curriculum with examples of differentiated activities and extension activities beyond apps.
• Show how to develop skills in programming and assess progress.
• View a session to learn programming through robotics. We look at the iPad controllable ‘robots’, with an in-depth look at the new BlueBot.
• Explain the concept of code in a good way.
• Give you a “hands on” introduction to each app.