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Mar 2016

#IngressFS : Trondheim

#IngressFS: Trondheim

First Saturday (FS) is an Ingress competition where the goal is to acquire the most AP, and to enable new players to gain levels.

Program for the 5th of March:

11:00: The event starts at Work-Work, with the players logging their Ingress nick, current level and AP-amount. Everyone who wants to compete has to show up in person. The closest portal to Work-Work is Klüwergården ( intel?ll=63.430464,10.394087& z=16&pll=63.433268,10.394008)

12:00: The players go out to gain AP.

14:00: Everyone meets back at Work-Work to log their nick, AP-amount and level. In case one doesn’t make it back in time, it’s possible to show a screenshot from exactly 14:00, where level, AP-amount and nick is visible. It’s still recommended to show up in good time before 15:00.

15:00: We name the winners of the competition, and there are prizes for both under level 8 and above level 8 agents. The team which has the largest AP-gain in total wins a “challenge cup”, which the team holds until the next #IngressFS.

We have submitted a series of six missions which we hope to get approved in time for the #IngressFS.

Feel free to check out our g+-event for more information

Ingress  is a GPS-based mobile game where the primary goal is to control “portals” and “control fields”. Portals are often famous landmarks or attractions, and in the game, the player shoots down and captures the virtual equivalent of the portal. A portal can be linked to other portals, and by linking three portals together in a triangle, the player creates a “control field”. Two teams compete against each other, the green team/enlightened and the blue team/resistance. The team which has the most large control fields on average throughout a “cycle” of 160 hours wins. The various actions performed in the game, like “hacking” a portal, linking portals together and creating control fields, will give the player AP (=XP), which the player needs to reach higher levels.