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Jun 2016

Innovation breakfast : Media technology

In collaboration with Trondheim Region, Technoport, Start NTNU and the Trondheim Chamber of Commerce host a series of Innovation Breakfasts in the spring 2016. The aim of these breakfasts are to create an informal meeting place where students, researchers, start-ups and established businesses come together to debate issues and create new relations and closer collaboration in the Trondheim region. Perhaps we find new possibilities for links and closer cooperation.

At the 8th of June we are, together with NxtMedia – an industry cluster of technology-based media innovation, arranging an innovation breakfast with a focus on the media industry and the use of new technology. The media industry is in a period of transition, and there are reports almost daily about cutbacks. Last year 283 journalists lost their jobs, and it is thought that almost as many will have to go this year. People consume media content in new ways, and the industry now stands above significant changes where new business models are a necessity for the industry to survive.

At the innovation breakfast we will meet the media industry and companies who are actively working to adapt to the new times. The challenges are many, but so are also the opportunities!

Speakers to be announced.

The Innovation Breakfast is free of charge and open to everyone, but due to breakfast reservations we kindly ask you to sign up within Tuesday 7th of June at 12:00 right here.