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Apr 2016

TEDxTrondheim : Open mic

Think you have what it takes to deliver a great talk? We think so, too.
Do you know someone who can wow an audience? Someone with great ideas, who deserves the opportunity to present themselves before an international audience? We’re sure you do.

We’re looking for entertaining speakers with a great idea to talk at our TEDxTrondheim: Open Mic event. This is not a traditional event!¬†Speakers selected to perform at our informal Open Mic may be considered for future TEDxTrondheim events.

FREE event. Registration is needed.

2 types of APPLICATION:
1) Apply yourself:
2) Nominate someone:
* March 1st – March 28th: Application period
* March 31st: Selected speakers announced
* April 10th: Meeting with selected speakers for mingling
* May 1st: Feedback from speeches sent by email

* Time limit: Speakers are given 3-5 minutes to pitch their idea
* No slides allowed
* Presentations can be held in English or Norwegian

1) No commercial agenda
2) Avoid pseudoscience
3) No inflammatory political or religious agenda.
These will be communicated in more details during the pre meet-up with the speakers

Spread the word!
Everybody is welcome to come!